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  • Hugo Brouwner
  • Duka Butina
  • Aurel Dan
  • Fritz Fottinger
  • Vasile Grigore
  • Darek Pala
  • Corneliu Petrescu
  • Ivan Rabuzin
  • Lucia Trifan
  • Dragos Vitelaru
  • Others

Born the The Hague, the Netherlands, in 1913 Hugo Brouwer got a training as teacher. His interest was in drawing, painting and designing from his youth on. He decided to earn a living as an artist. He moved to Nuenen in 1953, where he lived most of his live and created most of his work. His best known work is in portraits and church art. Later in his life he moved to the north of the Netherlands. He died in Groningen in 1986.
Example of his work is to see in the Curch ‘Onbevlekt Hart van Maria’,Weert, the Netherlands.

  Arabesque 1971

Duka Butina is born in 1935 in Kutina, Croatia. He finished his graduate training as teacher in 1970. Later he started to work as professional artist. His work is inspired by the landscape he lives in.


Aurel Dan is born in 1946 in Aspra, Maramures, Romania. In 1980 he finished the art school in ‘Ion Andreescu’ in Cluj. He gets his inspiration from the region he lives in Maramures. His work shows wonderful landscapes with villages and people meeting in this beautiful region in Romania.

People of Maramures

Landscape - Maramures 2001


In 1939 Fritz Föttinger is born in Bayreuth, Germany. He was trained as teacher and worked as teacher in 1963-1988. He started as independent artists in 1988 working as painter, ceramist and graphicer. Various books have been published about his work. His work is rich in feelings with wonderful tones of colour. His work reflects his difficulties in life.
In 1997 the has organised an exhibition of the work of Fritz Föttinger in Groningen, the Netherlands (see EXHIBITIONS)

Destination 1996  

Vasile Grigore is born in 1935 in Bucharest. He finished art school ‘Nicolae Grigorescu’ in 1959. During his training had made study tours to Italy and France.
He has exposed his work all over the world; to name some 1965 Budapest, 1969 London, 1970 Torino, 1973 Washington, 1974 Quebec,  and many expositions in Romania. His works is powerful in colour and almost abstract, but concrete. His nudes are famous. The last years he added flowers. Since 2003 Bucharest has a museum 'VASILE GRIGORE pictor si colectionar' Str. Maria Rosetti, nr 29, RO 020482 Bucuresti.

Nude 2003

Composition 1995

Dariusz Pala is born in Czestochowa, Poland, in 1967. At the age of 14 he decided to devote himself to the art of painting. He graduated at the Academy of Arts in Cracow in 1992. Directly after he graduated his work was exposed in Germany and the Netherlands. In 1998 he moved to the USA. Pala tells stories in his paintings, full with symbols and colours..

He uses magic to win her 1992


Corneliu Petrescu is born in Slanic (Romania) in 1924. He is a medical doctor graduated at the Bucharest University. He learned painting privately with some great Romanian artists. His first exhibition was organized when he was 32 years in Romania. He gave up his career as medical researcher in 1976. By than he had already participated in international exhibitions (Singer Museum Laren The Netherlands 1971, 1974, 1976; Washington USA 1974, 1976 and Bremen Germany 1974). He has a characteric style and technique, influenced by traditional Byzantine art. Part of his paintings are combined with collages using old letters and papers.

Ivan Rabuzin is a gifted, visionary painter. Ivan Rabuzin was born in 1921 in Kljuc nearby Novi Marof, Croatia. From 1945 to 1949, he worked as a carpenter in Zagreb. His first independent exhibition takes place in Novi Marof in 1956. His first independent exhibition in Paris (gallery "Mona Lisa") was in 1963. Up to date his paintings have been to more than 200 international independent exhibitions in Croatia and the world. Several hundreds art criticism, essays, studies and notes have been written about Ivan Rabuzin and his work and 13 monographes. His paintings hold distinguished places in museums and private collections of naive art worldwide. Ivan Rabuzin is the creator images, dreams and motives made in various techniques amongst which are: oil on canvas, etchings, watercolour etches, watercolour prints and silk creams.

Lucia Trifan paints Afro-Caribbean art since 1985. She is born in Tifesti, Romania, in 1949. She studied at the School of Fine Arts in Brasov (Ceramics and Sculpture). She left Romania to live in Germany and accepted an offer to sail to the Caribbean. She got by accident in St Maarten en decided to stay there. Here she got inspired in a new style of painting full of symbols and fairy tales, but also she paints the people’s daily life always in symmetric forms.

Dance 1997


Born in Giurgu in 1951 Dragos Vitelaru graduated from the art school ‘Nicolae Grigorescu in 1978. He had expositions abroad in Paris in 1988 and Eindhoven in 1989, 1990 and 1999. Well known and admired are his paintings of sea, fishes, harbours and ships, which are coloured in blue with almost invisible lines to give an image.

Harbour 2002


Here works of other artists are presented.

Vase of unknown Slovak artist 1999

Two amages of Renata Vranyczany Azinovic

Josip Botteri  ‘Pont Neuf’

Bartl ‘Roof tails’ 1991

Ghassan SALMAN ‘Interieur’

Bogdana Contras ‘Messenger Angel’

Aboriginal art ‘Dreamland’ 1989

Bronze statue Wu Ching Ju  ‘Empress’ 2001

Bronze statue Sjra Schoffelen  ‘l’homme’ 1992

Oana Ionescu Savin ‘Diagonal of Pain’ 1999

Sculpture by Daniela Fainis  ‘Growth’ 2002

Sculpture by Daniela Fainis ‘Wing’ 2001

Janusz Karbowniczek  ‘Training’ 1996

Gerriet Postma 1990