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A small exhibition room has been opened at Heggerweg 2a in Spaubeek, the Netherlands, showing the work of interest for the International Art Foundation. Exhibition are organised once a year.


Former exhibitions are

  • RABUZIN, CROATIA, Slochteren, the Netherlands 1994
  • PALA, POLAND, Leeuwarden, Assen, the Netherlands 1995
  • FĂ–TTINGER, GERMANY, Groningen, the Netherlands 1997
  • PALLIATIVE CARE, ROMANIA, Bucharest, Romania 2004
  • PRESENTATION OF INARTFO , Spaubeek, the Netherlands 2010
  • DUKA BUTINA, Spaubeek, the Netherlands 2011.
  • DRAWINGS by Local Artists, Spaubeek, the Netherlands, 2013
  • LANDSCAPES by European painters; a thematic exposition, 2015
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