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The Board of museum presents on outside exhibition "garden art" in Craiova, Romania. Art work may be visited between 15 April and 1 May 2017. An impression.

The theme is "Ghostly beautiful" starting with the 'ghost detector' and ending in 'orange dream' after the drunken tree.


Ghosts are around

ghost detected ghost

empty is full

cat tree and drunken tree



The Board of museum organizes its next meeting in Utrecht. The agenda includes the annual report and new possibilities for cooperation and exchange. The Board of museum has installed security measure to make future exhibition at location in Spaubeek possible. Special insurance conditions have to be fulfilled and proper actions are planned. New plans are under way for 2017.

museum has found interesting places for cooperation as well as good examples of different ways for exhibition. An example from the village Dorpswede

or the entrance of an exhibition, which should be surprising as in Melbourne.

Also nature exhibits its superior art (here in Bora Bora), just look into the water:

or walk with Brancusi


or visit Istria Istria

Why not a living museum like Hotel Le Negresco in Nice

or next to Le Negreso Musee Massena.

or garden art as demonstrated in the work Sjer Jacobs.

or combine real life with art like (accidently) Galery Orizont in Bucharest: a wounded young goose training for ballerina?


museum is member of the 'friends of Museum Vasile Grigore' in Bucharest, Romania, since 2013.